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Amazing new E-book just went public

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

The outline of the book is as follows: 1. Introduction

2. What is 'radio'?

3. How do we define personality?

4. A Word on Control

5. The Gen-necessary of Radio

6. How to look for the right content

7. What role does my voice play?

8. What can I expect from my first time on air?

9. What is my role as a broadcaster?

10. What does it mean to have a career in Radio?

11. How do I break into the industry?

12. Is radio for you?

13. What should be on a demo?

Attachments area Here is the write up "Welcome to the official page of my audiobook “Radio 1 on 1 : 25 of the Most Asked Questions in Radio Broadcasting”

This marks another milestone in my passion for both radio broadcasting, and for educating the next generation of broadcasters.

Here, in PART 1, we will explore the beginning of your journey in this industry, and your career as a media practitioner.

My aim, and hope, is to interact with as many aspiring, and seasonal broadcasters out there. You are invited to comment and interact with any questions and comments on this page, and look forward to some monthly Masterclasses right here.

Bookmark this page, and subscribe to download the full 13 episodes of PART 1 for FREE.

Let’s start your journey together. DARE TO BE GREAT."

-- Regards, Chris Jordan

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