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DATE: 04/05/2021


JHB SOUTH AFRICA – “ALL I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” gives recording artist from Ohio the boot for nudity on YouTube after displaying a covered up naked man on his bed singing the words to this Heart song.

JEFFREY P. STONEKING is a performing artist known as Mr. STONEking. He has an experienced history of working in the entertainment, hospitality, and theme park industries. He is skilled in Event Management, Creative Development, Live Performances, Public Speaking, Studio recording and Video Production, and Team Buildings.

This Heart song, from the album Brigade (1990), got the Ohio artist in big trouble on social media for his display of nudity during his cover of the song with a scene of him on his bed, covered with a sheet covering. YouTube and Facebook took off the music video due to nudity and sexuality. Also, the title and cover of the next Mr. STONEking Infidel.

Mr. STONEking said: “The efforts to maintain a PG-rated video is always important to me, and despite the age restriction I placed upon it, YouTube did deem the Mr. STONEking video version inappropriate to their community standards citing ‘nudity and sexuality’. Much to the disappointment of the so-called censors at YouTube, it takes more than dental floss and a cork to cover one of Allah's finer creations. Quite frankly, YouTube should be more compliant with state laws and regulations which prohibit taking a cell phone on a rollercoaster. To do so is a misdemeanor in the state of Ohio, and YouTube allows it to continue.”

When Heart’s version of “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” was topping the charts, Mr. STONEking was a DJ at an FM Adult Contemporary radio station and often filled in on the AM Country shows. Not knowing much about Country artists, he read Billboard magazine and an article went whirling past noting that the song was actually written for Don Henley of The Eagles, though recorded by Dobie Gray. “Heart’s version is completely different in arrangement, and also from a gender perspective. That was the cause to tell the hitch-hiker’s side of the story in my mind thirty years ago,” he said.

“All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You”, despite being Heart’s biggest chart success, is one song you will not hear them perform live. That gave him all the more reason to want to add it to his own performance. He said: “Ironically, my parents really liked the Heart version, which was surprising since my parents were devout Mormons!”

This past Winter Solstice, he was en route to a sacred Native American site where he prays. The Heart version came on some shuffle mode as he was driving near where his parents resided. That was part of The Sign for him that the time was perfect to get this video and single complete. He added: “It was mind-blowing shortly thereafter to pull out the Heart Brigade CD and discover my Post-It note from decades back with the lyric change inside.”

The editing process of the Mr. STONEking “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” video did bring about things often inexplicable. Throughout there were moments of It Just So Happened, including the lightning at the beginning along with the split image and its display of ‘heart’!

If YouTube and Facebook doesn’t want to feature the video, Vimeo is always an option as is the website for Mr. STONEking, STONEking’s Island, The single release is handled through CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, many more.


For media enquiries contact: Ruan Spencer, Let’s Go Big Tunes,,

082 567 7272

After the writing of this press release the video has been reinstated and once again blocked from the USA side it is however still viewable from here in Sunny South Africa click below to see what all the fuss is about and feel free to share this video far and wide.

Notes to Editors:

●Jeffrey P. STONEking is a man of many creative talents.

●His musical on-stage persona Mr STONEking, brings life to his dynamic recording artistry and live theatric performance. It extends into his role as music video producer and director.

●In addition to being an author of four narrative books, he is also an event project manager, painter, historian, and a Healing Arts treatment program coordinator.

●Rock artist and performer, Mr. STONEking’s diverse musical taste brings a theme and a personal story to each song’s note and lyric.

●Mr. STONEking draws his theatrical inspiration from AOR (Album Oriented Rock), New Wave, and bands from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. A lifetime of experiences – from childhood beginnings conducting a church congregation with his grandmother playing the piano, to interning at CBS Records, radio Music Director and club DJ-ing, and a decade of working at the Disney parks – helped shape the musical Mr. STONEking persona.

●A family tragedy sidelined Mr. STONEking until a return to education at Antioch University. It was there he met bassist, Walt Slade, who introduced him to Rob Gerami, a studio engineer and multi-instrumentalist. That turning point brought about a successful collaboration with three studio releases: At The Fire!, Gone Psycho!, and You’re Next!

●Today, Mr. STONEking continues to intrigue and entertain his audience as a dynamic stage performer, musician, and visual artist.

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