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DJ Tips and Tricks

Today we bring you more tips and tricks to help on your dj journey

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7. Learn how to use FX

Incorporating FX into your sets can be great fun. And it can add a nice little touch to your mixes. But you may need to spend the time perfecting the use of the FX. Add them where appropriate, but don't overdo it and annoy the crowd.

Too many DJs mess about with the flanger, delay, reverb, etc all the way through their set, and it can sound very unprofessional and annoying to party goers.

Some use FX to cover up poor beatmatching, others use them to transition through every mix. This can be great to get you out of trouble, but you shouldn't rely on them. It's better to perfect your beatmatching, EQing, etc.

Although the average clubber may not tell a good mix from a poor one, eventually somebody will notice.

8. Learn to play multiple genres

This is a great technique I used to improve my mixing.

Mixing just one genre of music can really hold you back and slow your progression. You may enjoy playing your one favourite genre, and that's great. But every genre has something different and will present a new challenge.

If you mix Hardtrance and have never mixed anything different, do you think you could pull of a hip-hop set at the club on Saturday night? It's doubtful.

Try to mix as many genres as possible, they may not be your favourite but your mixing and skill level will be transformed. Plus, you will be able to accept more work as your list of genres expand.

9. Learn to use your EQs appropriately

The 3 band EQ can be the most important function of a mixer that you can use during your mix. It's still so common to see, and hear DJ's mixing without even touching the EQ's.

If you mix without using the EQ you'll likely hear basslines clashing, speakers distorting, and a messy sounding mix.

This is really a beginner tip and should be learned in the bedroom. But like I said, so many DJ's neglect the EQs so it needs to be here.

We won't go any deeper into EQing here as it's a long subject. But if you need to learn more you can - Read my full article on EQ mixing here

Come back next week for more dj tips and tricks on Let's Go Big Tunes blog page

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