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DJ Tips and Tricks

Every Tuesday Lets Go Big Tunes brings you tips and tricks to help on your dj journey

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10. Take fall back equipment and music to your gigs

Taking back-up equipment to your gigs certainly applies to mobile DJ's. But it's also worth taking back-up along if you're a club DJ. Decks do break down, not very often but it's happened to me twice.

Computers crash, and USB sticks suddenly quit! If it means you can still play it's worth taking a small controller, 2 USB sticks with all of your tracks, and a back-up headphone. You could save the night if there is a breakdown. But if the equipment goes down and you have no back-up it could reflect badly on you. Clubbers are nasty little things when you take their music away. And you could end up with a bad name for something out of your control! Or is it?

11. Produce your own music.

Producing your own music to play in your DJ sets is another great way of giving yourself an edge. If you love DJing and music, and have a creative side, there's a chance that you'll be into production.

Production software has come a long way and is constantly improving. You won't have to shell out thousands of pounds building a studio, or even hiring one. You can make a whole track on your PC, mac, or laptop using programs like fruity loops, ableton live, and steinberg cubase.

These programs make it possible to make full tracks in just a few days. Then all you need to do is drop the track into your DJ sets. You'll be able to gauge the crowds reaction to see how well you're doing.

Check out - Learn music production secrets and beat making for beginners

12. Learn how to read your crowd

Something very often neglected by DJ's is the ability to read your crowd. Because this is so important I've got a full article on the subject.

You'll learn how to get the crowd pumped up, and DJ crowd interaction. You'll also learn about the body language of the crowd. And what to do if the crowd is unreadable. You can read the full article here > HERE

Don't neglect this vital DJ skill. It's just as important as mixing and if you master it you'll build a better following. People will also remember you easier. And they'll want to come to see you play again.

Keep learning

Many DJ's don't take the time to improve their skill level after that initial learning faze in the bedroom. The DJ's that take the time to keep learning will be much more successful. Have fun using these advanced DJ tips to give you and advantage over the rest, and to improve your DJing as a whole.

If these tips are a bit advanced for you then check out my beginner tips HERE One for the turntable junkies, an awesome comparison of the pioneer PLX 1000 against the legendary Technics 1210 > Read more Come back next week for more DJ Tips and Tricks on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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