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'Gone Psycho' ..............The Book. On #FeatureFridays we bring you a featured artist in the entertainment world on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page.

Mr STONEking has released his 5th Book 'Gone Psycho! A Latticework of Coincidences

The book was created after the success of his album released in 2017 called Mr. STONEking Gone Psycho!

The book is due for release soon so be on the lookout on your nearest Amazon or Kindle apps or site for a copy. It is a definite page turner.

More about Mr STONEking

Rock artist and performer Mr. STONEking describes his latest single and video release, a provocative cover of the KISS disco classic “I Was Made For Loving You," as a vampire lullaby.  From the album You’re Next!, his diverse musical taste brings a theme and a personal story to each song's note and lyric.

Mr. STONEking draws his theatrical inspiration from AOR (Album Oriented Rock), New Wave, and bands from the '60s,'70s and '80s. A lifetime of experiences — from childhood beginnings conducting a church congregation with his grandmother playing piano, to  interning at CBS Records, radio Music Director and club DJ-ing, and a decade of working at the Disney parks — helped shape the musical Mr. STONEking persona.

A family tragedy sidelined Mr. STONEking until a return to education at Antioch University.  It was there he met  bassist, Walt Slade, who introduced him to Rob Gerami, a studio engineer and multii-instrumentalist. That turning point brought about a successful collaboration with three studio releases: At The Fire!, Gone Psycho!, and You’re Next!

Today, Mr. STONEking continues to intrigue and entertain his audience as a dynamic stage performer, musician, and visual artist.

For more information about the Mr STONEking don't hesitate to go to STONEking Island

Join us next week on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page to see who our Friday Featured artist is

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