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From the Brides Perspective

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# Wedding Wednesdays is back with tips from the brides perspective for the month of April

6. Be Wise With Your Pre-Ceremony Downtime

I had an hour to kill before our limo came to whisk my wedding party to the venue and these were my preferred options: fall asleep, melt because my dress was hot, and pace back and forth due to nerves!

If you are fortunate to have free time before you head off to the chapel, consider yourself lucky and use it wisely! The last thing you want is the limo arriving and everyone is in a panic getting last minute items together.

7. Don’t Write Your Vows Last Minute!

I tried writing my vows at the last minute and it didn’t turn out well. My husband and I ended up agreeing to use the pre-written vows from our officiant. If you are like me, you will regret not writing your own vows or you will run out of time and be unable to write them at all.

Aside: We plan to write vows and have a special date night on our first anniversary to make up for it!

8. Entertainment Coordinator

In the US, a lot of times the DJ will act as the MC for a wedding (whereas in Canada you will often find that a family member will take on this role).  The importance of this roll is crucial for the success of a wedding. The DJ/MC is somebody that will ensure a good pace for your wedding as well as manage the flow.

If you love to dance, then a professional DJ should be in your wedding budget. They are one key to keeping your guests busy on the dance floor and partying all night long!

Check out some of our wedding guide DJs and musicians in popular L&L cities: Seattle, Austin, or San Diego.

Join me next week for more # Wedding Wednesday tips for your special day on Let's Go Big Tunes blog page

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