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From the Brides Perspective

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Wednesdays are wedding tips on lets Go Big Tunes blog page. #WeddingWednesdays

is back with tips from the brides perspective for the month of April.

13. Music: You may not hear it!

Do you have your heart set on one piece of music for your wedding ceremony? I didn’t, and I spent countless hours trying to find the right song to walk down the aisle.  Now, I know I didn’t really hear or remember the music playing!

Of course, it is a wonderful show for your guests to have a live musician. However, you will most likely be so focused on trying not trip in your new Badgley Mischka shoes, trying to not cry, or consumed with emotion and focused on your partner waiting at the end of the aisle, that you won’t even notice there is a string quartet playing in the background.

14. Making the Rounds

It is important to try and talk with all of your wedding guests at the recepetion. Inevitably you are going to feel guilty that you missed someone or you didn’t talk long enough to your cousin who flew 5 hours just for your wedding. This is natural and your guests will totally understand.

15. Set up and Take Down Crew

If you are doing all your wedding planning yourself, make sure that you have a plan in place for take down. Many DIY wedding planners have a decorating army in place and ready to go for the set up, but by the end of the night everyone is either too tired, inebriated, or has left the party to worry about take down. Depending on your venue, you may be stuck cleaning up the balloons and confetti with your new husband instead of attending your wedding after party!

Join us next week for bonus tips from the brides perspective on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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