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Head Above water ......for now!!


DATE: 28/06/2021


JHB SOUTH AFRICA – SUNDAY night’s announcement by Pres Cyril Ramaphosa about stricter regulations and earlier curfews, have crushed the hope of many entertainers, who haven’t been able to perform over the last year-and-a-half’s COVID lockdowns.

Several DJ’s, singers and other entertainers have been forced to sell properties and other assets to survive the impact of the pandemic. The new curfew only brings with it more uncertainty and a loss of opportunities to perform.

Rian Pelati, DJ and CEO of Let’s Go Big Tunes, said: “Luckily we have limited overheads to pay, but for the last 15 months we couldn’t work, thus we couldn’t earn an income regardless if all our events are fully COVID compliant. I personally know of well-known event venues and big sound companies that had to close down due to lockdown within the first 4 months of since COVID hit.”

Pres Ramaphosa said: “Gauteng is 2 thirds of the count on the virus spread of the overall South African COVID number and that is why stricter lockdown regulations needs to apply in the province of Gauteng.”

DJ Rian also said: “As a DJ it is very difficult at the moment as there are no clubs or venues open where you can express your creativity and the market is already saturated with wannabe laptop DJ’s who is willing to pay for a bar tab, so if you are a professional DJ you are screwed. The only way for you to find an outlet for your music is if you live stream and that also has its own complications of copyright which are being enforced by the majority of platforms available. So for those who are relying on DJ’ing as a sole career it means probably being out of a job for the last 15 months.”

Pres Ramaphosa announced that curfew is from 21:00pm to 04:00am; Schools and Universities need to close by Wednesday 30 June 2021; the sale of alcohol is prohibited for on-site or off-site consumption; funerals are restricted to 50 people and no after funeral gatherings allowed; travel into and out of Gauteng is permitted only for work, transport of goods, funerals or to return home; absolutely no gatherings are allowed and every person must wear their mask covering their mouth and nose when in public.

Pres Ramaphosa added that no social gatherings are allowed. Not on beaches, parks, or any event or any form of social gatherings.

The fact that Adjusted Alert Level 4 Lockdown is in place now, Let’s Go Big Tunes hope that every South African is safe and adheres to COVID regulations. Let’s Go Big Tunes will only operate via Zoom meetings for the 2 weeks’ time period that Pres Ramaphosa will revisit the regulations and South Africa will be addressed again by our president.

Let’s Go Big Tunes is a fully registered member SAMRO. Let’s Go big Tunes is also fully COVID Compliant.


For media enquiries contact: Ruan Spencer, Let’s Go Big Tunes,, 082 564 5674

Notes to Editors:

Pres Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation on Sunday 27 June 2021 at 20:00 to indicate all changed lockdown regulations for the next two weeks, then cabinet will revisit the decisions made and adjust where needed.

Amongst others, Ramaphosa said that absolutely no gatherings may be held, publicly or privately.

Let’s Go Big Tunes depends solely on Social events and wasn’t able to earn an income for the last 15 months.

When Let’s Go Big Tunes applied for the Covid Relief Fund, which was implemented by Pres Ramaphosa in 2020, it was said that they only had the budget to pay out 11% of applications.

For any other information visit the website at or social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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