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JHB SOUTH AFRICA – A “My Healing, just hang in there” mix from our very own DJ Rian hit the Top 30 on Mixcloud within a few days after its release on September 5, 2021.

DJ Rian is a Gauteng based DJ and former radio presenter. With nearly 25 years of experience as a club DJ and multiple mixes in the Mixcloud Top 100 charts, it comes as no surprise that the latest Mix: My Healing, just hang in there Mix climbed to number 28 on the EDM Charts Worldwide and ranked at number 51 on the EDM Mix Charts Worldwide within three days after its release on Mixcloud.

Rian Pelati, DJ and CEO of Let’s Go Big Tunes, said: “This mix is dedicated to the entire World to remember to just hang in there, especially during this Covid Pandemic still active in the World today. And it is also a great reminder to me, to just hang in there.”

About the mix hitting the Top 30 EDM Charts in 3 days, he said: “It’s absolutely amazing! I haven’t expected it because due to business obligations I have been extremely busy this year trying to pull our Events Company through the darkest hours of Covid.”

He added: “This is my second mix this year and it exceeded my expectations and I want to thank everyone who listened to it, because it is a very special mix. It’s all the songs that gave me faith and hope to keep on going and the original courage from Nightbirde that was displayed was a huge inspiration for this mix.”

DJ Rian loves 80s music, classic trance as well as commercial club and pop and psitrance and his work was regularly featured on Derek the Bandit's Databass, DTRN, and currently on Radio Chiampa, Florida, USA.

DJ Rian is registered with SAMRO and certified as a Mobile Blueprint DJ with Digital DJ Tips. He is currently one of the founding members, Director, and DJ for Let’s Go Big Tunes.

My Healing, just hang in there Mix is just under 42 minutes long and if you want a mood lifter, listen to it here.

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