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INTELLIGENCY - Artist of the week

This weeks artist of the week is Intelligency for their track "August"

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From stomping street shows to conquering the digital era, Belarusian multigene group INTELLIGENCY is on the mission to write a truly unique international success story for itself. With their hot track “August” gaining more and more prominence with every Shazam and TikTok video, the band is about to jump on a whole new level of fame.

Genre-bending track “August” has been on a steady organic rise ever since its online premiere back in July 2019. And it seems like there’s nothing holding back this one-of-a-kind blend of beats and melancholia on its way to becoming a worldwide smash. “AUGUST” has already reached #22 on Shazam Global Chart and has become one of the most popular TikTok March tracks. In Russia alone they got to #1 on Shazam Russia Chart, #4 on Apple Music Russia Top Songs and showed great results in other local charts. The track is about to begin its worldwide domination, proving that daring and passionate musical experiments will always find natural ways to gain success.

“We make music for people who are tired of clichés and predictable formats,” the band comments on its self-described technoblues genre, “With each record, we try to capture that elusive rebellious youthful spirit. “August” was recorded in our DIY studio and released during our street performance. We believe that our music and this song in particular have a long way to go around the world.”

INTELLIGENCY mixes techno with rock’n’roll, jazz and blues, while their latest music is both a renovation and a crystallization of technoblues genre: four-on-the-floor is complemented by syncopated rhythmic patterns and additional dubs. The band write lyrics in English, Russian and Belarusian and they appeal to existential issues.

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