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Female DJ's.......... get a break . #MondayMadness on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page brings you the latest (from the strange to more mundane) news from the entertainment world.

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After a successful 4 years as a Radio and Club Dj, Dj Pruluv has opened up the industry by giving up-and-coming female djs a platform through the Pruluv Sessions.

Throughout the month of August, which is Women’s Month, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dj Pruluv is hosting the Pruluv Sessions on her Instagram Page via Live Streaming.

Having been booked every weekend for the past 4 years, Dj Pruluv, took note that as a club dj, her djing career has been hit hard by the Lockdown. Having been fully booked for the weekend of the 21st and the 28th of March, it came as a shock and blow when President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on the16th of March that all gatherings were prohibited with immediate effect. The subsequent closing of clubbing venues worsened matters further, subsequently negatively affecting all djs in the country, in various forms, particularly financially.

With the extension of the Lockdown, the country is witnessing more djs pull the plug on their careers and give up, due to djing as a career, becoming obsolete. The career of djing is already a male dominated industry, therefore it is the female djs that are the hardest hit and many may never be able to revive their careers again, post Lockdown.

Also, numerous individuals who have tried their luck in the entertainment industry have complained that it’s the same people that get opportunities, meaning up-and-coming talent have a minimal chance of cracking it in the industry.

It is for all these reasons that Dj Pruluv decided to revive the spirit of up-and-coming female djs to continue pushing their passion of djing, by sharing her connections with them. The Pruluv Sessions are an initiative to give up-and-coming female djs, a platform to showcase their djing skills, with the aim of “plugging” them to event promoters, radio personalities and the public, who have supported Dj Pruluv over the years.

To contact DJ Pruluv: Pertunia Mbele Dj Pruluv’s Manager 0710432143

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