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Residents of Protea Park cared for by various stakeholders

The agency organised a visit to the park where different people and organisations spent the day with the tenants.

Residents at the Protea Park, in Bredell, were made to feel special during a visit by representatives of various companies and individuals who donated clothes, sanitisers and sweet hampers among other things. The residents were also addressed on COVID-19 safety and the event was organised by A Way Out Recruitments Agency. Photograph by: Debbie Cooper.

The East Rand team of A Way out Recruitments Agency was at it again recently to help and uplift tenants at Protea Park in Bredell. The agency organised a visit to the park where different people and organisations spent the day with the tenants. “The reason for the visit was to bring them some food parcels, clothing, sweeties for the children and to guide them on Covid-19 and the importance of using a mask and sanitiser,” said Toni Ford, founder of A Way out Recruitments Agency. “We joined hands with a few companies who helped us by bringing the essentials to help all the tenants of Protea Park.” Ford also said representatives from different companies were present and contributed towards making the day special for residents of Protea Park. “Thanks to Lulu de Beer and Jay Jay Joubert for allowing our team and to uplift and train the residents,” said Ford.

He also thanked Rian and Ian Pelati from Lets Go Big Tunes for educating the families on Covid-19 safety. Debbie Cooper from Lets Go Big Tunes took photos of the day’s events.

Ford also commended Get It Done SA and their partners, Sarie Ralph, Sandy and Danny from Cenclean Services and Jaques and Elaine from Silverguard and C & Y Recruiting Services & Products for donating sanitiser, soap, toilet paper, clothing, food, masks, cold drinks and sweets for the children. Ford also thanked Michelle and George and their team for bringing the families clothes, food parcels and a sweet hamper for each child. “We have many projects in the pipe line but our biggest one is the Protea Park building. Lulu asked A Way out Recruitments Agency to assist in collecting any and all building supplies. “The plans are done and paid for and we have an amazing architect that is working hard to ensure everything is done properly. “All we need now are building supplies. I am asking all companies and amazing people of Kempton Park to please help us uplift this caravan park so they can have a warmer and safer home. “We collect bricks, cement and sand. If you would like to donate towards this cause, please contact me on 066 363 4694.”

Well done team, Join us next week on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page for more entertainment industry news

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