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Boudica .......... To host music conference . #MondayMadness on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page shares with you the latest (from the strange to more mundane) news from the entertainment world.

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Boudica is hosting a free music conference to inspire women and non-binary people to get into music

It will be streamed via Mixcloud

Boudica, a London-based label and party series, is putting on a free-to-attend music conference on Sunday November 15 to inspire women and non-binary people to get involved in music.

The event will be held at The Freemasons Hall and will hold panels on subjects like mental health and wellbeing in music, the importance of social media and PR in the digital age, how different musical communities have adapted to lockdown, and the gender disparity in music.

The day will also feature DJ sets from object blue, Boudica team member Samantha Togni, Tasha and Proteus.

Grab a free ticket to the streamed talks here, and check out the full list of panel participants below.

Panels programme:

- 11:00- 12:00 Mental Health and Well-Being.

How COVID and this year events have affected the overall well-being of people working in the music industry and how musicians, especially those belonging to minorities, can face unique challenges that leave them particularly vulnerable. Hosted by The Musicians Union

John Shortell (The Musicians Union)

Sital Panesar (MusicaTherapy / Music Support)

Ali Hill (Music Industry Therapists / Mindful Music)

Helena Star (Foundation FM)

Chula Goonewardene (CM Therapy / AzuraMinds)

Samantha Togni (The Musicians Union / Boudica)

-12:00-13:00 Press, PR, social media and the importance of an artist’s online presence.

How traditional ways have been bypassed and ways to move forward after this radical year.

Hosted by AIM

Sarah Story (The Little Pink Book / Capital)

Amanda Freeman (Freeman PR)

Alice Browne (The Prizm Network)

Frankie Davison (Stereo Sancity)

-13:00-14:00 A conversation exploring the disparity of gender throughout the music industry and how crucial having role models is for young people's confidence.

Hosted By Keychange

Magdalena Jensen (Keychange)

Syreeta (He.She.They)

Shauni Caballero (The Go 2 Agency)

Cori Chinnici (AWAL / The MMF)

Faux Naïf (Mother Superior / M II M)

-14:00-15:00 How communities have adapted to the lockdown, how plans have shifted during 2020 and what have they done to re-invent themselves.

Demetra Georgiu (London Sound Academy)

Sophia Kearney (He.She.They / The Weird and The Wonderful)

Fayann Smith (October Collective)

Alice Whittington (Soundway Records)

Lewis G Burton (Inferno)

DJ Sets:

- 15:00 - 16:00 Samantha Togni

- 16:00 - 17:00 Proteus

- 17:00 - 18:00 Tasha

- 18:00 - 19:00 object blue

Let's see what entertainment news makes it onto our #MondayMadness page here in

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