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Social distancing..........with a beat. #MondayMadness on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page brings you the latest news from the entertainment world.

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A socially distanced music venue is opening in London

One Night Records, set to launch in October, will serve as an "immersive music event and venue", with all aspects of One Night Records designed to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

According to the website, masks must be worn at all times on site, increased ventilation has been built into the venue, and drinks and food will be ordered from a 'drive-thru'. Located at a secret address in London Bridge, the entrance to the venue is through hidden tunnels, and the first production will be titled Lockdown Town. 

Visitors will be given staggered time slots and tickets can be purchased in sets of four, with live music, food and drink included in the price. Find out more about One Night Records, which will run from October 2nd to December 31st, and purchase tickets for the event, here. Earlier this week, a socially distanced event series was announced at Amsterdam club RADION.

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