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360 degree..........virtual reality gigs . #MondayMadness on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page brings you the latest (from the strange to more mundane) news from the entertainment world.

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Brixton Academy to trial live, 360-degree, Virtual Reality gigs

London’s Brixton Academy is set to host a series of live, 360-degree, Virtual Reality gigs.

The events will be presented by Live Nation U.K. and MelodyVR, who teamed up last week to host virtual festival Wireless Connect. While no line-ups or dates have been announced yet, ‘Live From O2 Academy Brixton’ promises immersive experiences for fans. Those who “attend” will be able to choose a particular spot in the venue from which to watch the show via the MelodyVR app. MelodyVR CEO Anthony Matchett said: “MelodyVR’s mission is to use our innovative technology to make sure artists can keep staging amazing shows and fans can continue to experience and enjoy the live music that they love.

“We’ve helped to take Wireless virtual this weekend, co-creating the successful Wireless Connect, and Live From O2 Academy Brixton is another exciting venture in partnership with Live Nation. Virtual shows are here to complement and support live entertainment.” It’s the latest innovation from major promoters venues looking to find alternatives to “the real thing” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Elsewhere, drive-in gigs are being organised to take place throughout the country this summer including a seven date tour from grime pioneer Wiley.

Meanwhile, outdoor gigs, festivals and theatre shows will be able to take place in England from Saturday (11th July), with several indoor “test events” being organised to help formulate a wider plan for the reopening of venues. 

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