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Mr. STONEking releases another amazing single

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Rock artist and performer Mr. STONEking describes his latest single and video release, a provocative cover of the KISS disco classic “I Was Made For Loving You", as a vampire lullaby. From the album You’re Next!, his diverse musical taste brings a theme and a personal story to each song's note and lyric.

Mr. STONEking draws his theatrical inspiration from AOR (Album Oriented Rock), New Wave, and bands from the '60s,'70s and '80s. A lifetime of experiences — from childhood beginnings conducting a church congregation with his grandmother playing piano, to interning at CBS Records, radio Music Director and club DJ-ing, and a decade of working at the Disney parks — helped shape the musical Mr. STONEking persona.

A family tragedy sidelined Mr. STONEking until a return to education at Antioch University. It was there he met a bassist who introduced him to a studio engineer and multii-instrumentalist.

That turning point brought about a successful collaboration with three studio releases: At The Fire!, Gone Psycho!, and You’re Next! Today, Mr. STONEking continues to intrigue and entertain his audience as a dynamic stage performer, musician, and visual artist.

To learn more, visit STONEking’s Island, the official home of Mr. STONEking.

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