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Music has no language

Updated: Feb 21, 2020


DJ Rian Pelati

  • Hope you are having a great time with the festive season just around the corner. I surely am and today I received the biggest gift any Dj can ever ask for. In my 25 years as a Dj, I have learnt an incredible lesson. Music has no language. Whether you can understand the vocals or not, it speaks to your soul, it makes your heart sing. Now you see this statement has a story behind it, like so many of the other mixes that I do. A while ago I was in an oriental store not too far from where I live. Aimlessly wandering around between the isles, my ear suddenly caught a very unique beat. Music that I have never heard before. But it immediately spoke to my soul. I scuttled off to find my husband, to request an immediate Shazam moment. Unfortunately for me at the time he didn't have the app installed on his phone, and neither of us was brave enough to go pop the question to management. What is that?? A second trip to the shop pretty much had the same cycle rinse and repeat. I hear delightfully fresh new sounds, being quite a shy guy, I urge my husband to go ask the owners what it is, but he stands his ground. If I want it, I must go ask for it. Now fate is an amazing way to influence one's life and journey. A few weeks later my sister, husband and I went to have dinner at an Oriental Restaurant in the same town. The owner came to greet us warmly, and then the penny dropped. She was also the owner of the Oriental store where I heard dance tracks that haunted me for weeks now. And this was my moment. I got up, walked over to her and popped the question. "I am a DJ, I love the music you play in your store. Where do you get it and more important, how can I get it. "Easy," she said, "Bring a memory stick to the shop and you can have 1700 new songs." And that is exactly what I did. Today, sitting here, writing this blog, I can honestly tell you I have made my first oriental mix, with no clue what any of the tracks are titled or what any of the vocals in the tunes mean as I don't speak or read Chinese. What is important is that the music spoke to my soul and it made my heart sing as louder than ever. Guess all I have left to say is, my Orient Express Vol 1 mix will be available soon. Much love


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