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Nianell releases her second book 'life simplified'

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

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I attended the book loaunch on Thursday 07 Nov , what a wonderful book and ever inspriring woman with the voice of an angel. We had the pleasure of her sharing songs (some not released yet) and the lessons she has learned and shared with thew world in her new book, Life Simplified. The book is available in all major book stores, online as well as in audio format.


Life Simplified: A Transformational Book

by Nianell

You are LOVE and you are here to LEARN TO LOVE and to


Publisher: Tracey McDonald Publishers

ISBN: 978-0-6399928-8-4

Genre: Mind, body & Spirit

Format: Paperback

RRP: R210.00

Book size: 215x140mm

Page extent: 152pp

Publication date: September 2019

Also available as an eBook:

ePUB ISBN: 978-0-6399928-9-1

Life Simplified is a ‘Book of Living’, an invaluable and profound spiritual harvest of insights

about the game of love and life that we choose to play here on Earth. It is a simplification

and unpacking of seemingly complex concepts that will transport the reader beyond limiting

and fear-based belief systems to a place deep within; a place of feeling, healing and pure

love. Nianell’s heart was shocked back to life by personal loss that took her on a journey of

discovery and understanding which she shares in this book. Life Simplified is the perfect

companion for all of us. - DEBRA STEVENS, Editor of Odyssey Magazine

Tel: +27 (0)83 327 3393


Nianell’s book is a delight, it serves as a reminder that we are spiritual beings living a human life.

Nianell writes about free will and choice and about the power of our thoughts. She reminds us that

ultimately we are here to love, to love ourselves and others.

Her book takes us back to the basics, it teaches us to simplify our lives, to live with an open heart, to

forgive, let go and to be grateful for all that we have.

It is interspersed with the lyrics of five of Nianell’s songs and includes a link to a free digital

meditation, Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs, visit


Nianell was born in a tiny place called Omaruru in Namibia, south west of Africa. Apart from her

hugely successful music career, Nianell is also an accomplished author. Her debut book, Knowing

Who I Am is published internationally by Hay House. The Afrikaans version is a South African bestseller and is called Om Te Weet Wie Ek Is. Life Simplified is her second book.

Nianell is available for interviews. Email me to request a review copy, and/or to schedule an

interview Extracts & giveaways are available on request.







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