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Put a Little Spring In Your Step

Spring Day, Week, Month – by Khloe Kryptonite

Halloa hi, hunty’s! It’s your fabulous resident Drag Diva and I can smell the freshness of aromas in the air, can you?

Yes, spring is in the air!

I have been watching the seasons change for all my life and Spring stays the most beautiful! Not just because I celebrate my birthday with Spring Day, but also because everything ‘dead’ are coming back alive again, almost like zombies but way more beautiful.

The faded colors of autumn and the glittering whites of winter are drowning away with the utmost of beautiful greens (and y’all know that green is my color!). Also the pink blossoms and yellows, purples, reds, oh my, I might have had an orgasm just now. Just think of the rainbow colors, only more! And who doesn’t love a bit of color in their lives?

The entire animal kingdom are excitedly awaiting the upcoming new born babies. The Summer-birds are coming back to sunny South Africa. Everything is just good again. Time for pool parties and margaritas and beach boys with summer sounds and bikini babes. (That’s a mouthful but my excitement for summer just ruptured)

The best part is: we are entering the Virgo Star sign (actually since August 22/23 already, but still). Here are some interesting facts.

Virgo is known as a spring constellation because, although you can see some or all of its stars on most nights of the year, the stars put on their best display in the evening sky during Spring. Although blue-white Spica is Virgo’s only bright star, it is the 16th-brightest star in the night sky. []

Tied to fertility and agriculture, Virgo appears to stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere during the spring and summer months and to those in the Southern Hemisphere in autumn and winter. [] Early Greek astronomy associated the Babylonian constellation with their goddess of wheat and agriculture, Demeter…Another figure who is associated with the constellation Virgo was the spring goddess Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, who had married Hades and resided in the Underworld during summer. [Wikipedia]

So, yes. I’m obsessed with Spring and I wish everyone a colorful, radiant Spring Day and may this summer be forever in our favor.

Loads of Kryptonite-Love


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