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Revisiting a rising star

During the early days of lockdown, here in South Africa, we were searching the internet one morning, wondering what to do with ourselves, since our movements were so severely restricted. We were forced to stop rushing and focus our energies elsewhere.

Which was a very good thing…. as it lead to the discovery of a diamond. A star in the making. Actually no, the birth of a star…. 16-year-old Nick Sutton.

When we heard him sing a corona parody of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misrables we were sold on his voice. We immediately reached out and published an article about this amazing young man on our blog.

How Nick has been coping with being in lockdown?

Now nearly six months later, we popped in to see what this aspiring young star has been up to and how he coped with lockdown.

His mom, Kristin, said he was depressed through March, April and half of May

“As the weather improved so did his mood. We're actually going to do a private concert and I asked if he would do our "I Dreamed a Dream", she said.

He started to practice it and stopped halfway through and said, "I can't do it. It's triggering. It brings me back to a bad place". So new rule: No more Corona songs. Even though I wrote a new one to the tune of "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" about the lack of restaurants to go to. We will save that for the next pandemic.

Nick’s most recent release of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Music of the night has taken Youtube by storm. One of the most impressive versions I have ever heard, And believe me, being a Phantom of the Opera fan, I think I have heard every recording made of the song. With Music of the Night, Nick has set a new bar for himself.

Listen to music of the night here :

When asked what inspired the recording of music of the night, Kristin said their youtube fans requested something from Phantom! “We love our followers so we try to create content they will enjoy.” He also recently gave a private performance at the lake near his home to listen here:

Last summer Nick also performed at Fenway Park at a Red Sox game where he enchanted the audience with God Bless America and then in October he wowed spectators again at a Boston Celtics basketball game.

Plans for the future include, going to school for either music or musical theatre. If COVID is still an issue next year he will do a gap year.

Where does this young man get his amazing voice and talent from, we wanted to know.

“My side of the family is very musical. My mom is 74 and she still performs with her singing partner. My aunt toured with the USO and my uncle owned a music store and plays in a band. Little brother Declan is an accomplished percussionist. I'm a dance instructor and I play drums and guitar,” Kristin explained.

“We knew at a very young age when he would sing with my mom. He could pick out harmonies very early on and learned piano by ear at the age of 9. He has perfect pitch so that is very helpful when learning new instruments!

However, this young man does not only have a serious side. He is pretty much a normal fun loving 16-year-old, humbly shooting his way to stardom.

For there and more great tunes by Nick go to Sutton Shenanigans on Youtube

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