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Sneak Peaks at Snap Shots

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Welcome back to Lets Go Big Tunes weekly Photography tips blog, where I share tips found online that can help everyone from beginner to expert. This week I start having a look at landscape shots.

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Tip 10. Infrared photos

Although you can create a fake infrared effect in Photoshop, nothing beats the thrill of doing it in-camera. Infrared landscapes can be in black or white or color, with both offering a very different look and feel.

For the best photos, it's worth considering getting an old DSLR converted to infrared. You won't be able to use it for regular color photography once the IR conversion has been carried out, but it's much more convenient than having to mess around with IR filters on an unconverted camera.

Tip 11. Minimalist landscapes

Usually black and white, often square and frequently realized with the help of Neutral Density filters, minimalist landscape photographs are more about what you leave out than what you leave in.

Telephoto zooms will help you to frame interesting details that would make for a great minimalist landscape. Look for single trees, lone clouds and isolated rocks. Fog, snow and featureless skies will provide a suitable blank canvas for this type of picture too.

The 10 laws of landscape photography

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