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Sunday fun Facts

This post is sponsored by SAASA and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Fun Facts about African Wild Dogs

African Wild dog/Painted Dog

Latin name: Lycaon pictus


The long large intestine of the African Wild Dog means that they have a very efficient system for absorbing as

much moisture from their food as possible.

Unlike many other carnivores, African Wild Dogs kill their prey by starting to eat it when it is still alive.

A pack can however devour a whole wildebeest within 10 minutes.

African Wild Dog population is today confined to National Parks, they tend to require much larger territories and come into conflict with humans when they leave these protected areas.

Their Latin name, Lycaon pictus , means "painted wolf like animal."

African wild dogs have only four toes whereas domestic dogs and wolves have five.

They have an extremely powerful bite with specialised molars for shearing meat and breaking bone and exceptionally keen senses of sight, smell and particularly hearing.

Large rounded ears lined with numerous muscles allow them to swivel like radar dishes, picking up the minutest of sounds.

Long legs, a lean build and rapid muscle recovery all assist in making this animal a formidable endurance hunter.

Wild dogs are nomadic animals and can traverse 50km in a single day. As a result, their territories can rangebetween 400 and 1500 square kilometres.

They only remain in one area when denning.

Come back next week for more exciting fun facts from SAASA and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary here on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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