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Sunday fun Facts

This post is sponsored by SAASA and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Fun Facts about White Bengal tigers

Bengal Tiger Latin name: Panthera tigris tigris


Bengal Tigers are similar to Siberian Tigers.

Many people mistake white tigers for Siberian tigers and think that all orange coloured tigers are Bengal tigers.

Tigers are very agile creatures and can scale a tree in a single leap.

The main antagonist of The Jungle Book Shere Khan is a Bengal tiger.

Tigers may drag their prey to water to eat. They are commonly seen in the shade

or wading in pools to cool off.

White Tigers are not necessarily albinos. The carry a recessive gene, which makes

the leucistic.

Either one or both parents need to posses this gene in order to produce white offspring.

To ensure that white tigers are white, breeders use only white tigers to breed with.

This results in severe inbreeding. Inbreeding in these animals cause deformities and defects which can be life threatening.

About half of the litter is still born and the majority of the remaining litter will probably not

survive longer than a few weeks. Only about 1 in 35 make it to adulthood, and

then most of these animals are blind, deaf or misformed.

Come back next week for more exciting fun facts from SAASA and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary here on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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