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Scan my smart badge.........for everything Lets Go Big Tunes blog page features the latest in tech from within the entertainment/event planning industry on #TechieTuesdays

Wearable tech is an event technology trend

Wristbands and smart badges using near-field communication (NFC) chips keep disruptions and lines to a minimum, thereby increasing attendee productivity and engagement. This technology lets attendees:  

  • Access different event areas

  • Exchange information with peers

  • Receive exhibitor marketing material

  • Make cashless purchases

What this trend means for event planners

Wearable tech helps you speed-up check-in, control access, and monitor attendee behavior with less staffing. It also improves ROI for exhibitors, who can drive attendees wearing the tech to visit a booth of interest based on an individual’s profile. 

Additionally, the technology can alert planners to booths that aren’t drawing many visitors so they can help exhibitors generate more foot traffic.

What this trend means for event venues

On-site staff can use real-time data to learn when they need to offer overflow rooms or investigate security breaches, such as non-VIP guests in restricted areas. 

Wearable technology in action

An interesting example is Hilton America’s use of wearable technology wristbands at its  2017 Leadership Conference. Attendees used wristbands to exchange contact information with one another as well as vendors. Gamification incentivized the interactions, rewarding attendees with points they could trade in for merchandise.

You can read more details in this wearable event technology case study, which includes more info on objectives and results.

Lets see what other event tech there is next week on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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