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Sony releases sound and lights ......... in one!! Lets Go Big Tunes blog page features the latest in tech from within the entertainment/event planning industry on #TechieTuesdays

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Sony announces two new models in its High-Power Audio Systems range

The MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D are out in October

The Sony MHC-V83D and Sony MHC-V73D both feature Omnidirectional Party Sound, which is possible by bringing together the front and rear tweeters, the midrange, the woofer and JET BASS BOOSTER. This ensures the music reaches further and comes with greater clarity.

The Omnidirectional Party Light on both models brings a range of nightclub-worthy lighting to the inside of your home. There's also an ambient light mode for a change in atmosphere and mood.

The systems work with the app Fiestable, meaning everything can be controlled via your smartphone. This also allows people to add their own tunes via WiFi thanks to the Party Playlist feature.

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Two microphone inputs mean the V83D and V73D are ready for karaoke and the TAIKO Mode means you can add your own drums to tracks playing through the systems. They are also TV compatible.

Available in October, the MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D are priced at £700 and £590 respectively.

See more info here and here.

Sony also revealed the MHC-V43D and MHC-V13 models will be available in spring 2021.

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