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2020 ......... Gaming console of the year!! Lets Go Big Tunes blog page features the latest in tech from within the entertainment/event planning industry for the next few weeks we will be bringing you the best gadgets you can buy right now!!! on #TechieTuesdays

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Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite

The hybrid option

Dimensions: 4 x 9.5 x 5.4 inch(W x L x H) with Joy-Cons | GPU: 768MHz (docked)/307.2MHz (undocked) Nvidia custom Tegra SOC | RAM: 4 GB | Max Resolution: docked 720p, undocked 1080p | Optical Drive: None | Storage: 32GB (expandable) | Portable battery life: approx 3 - 7 hours US$295,13 View at Amazon US$299,99 View at Amazon US$363,89 View at Amazon See all prices (11 found)Portable and home console Great first-party exclusives Not as powerful as other home consoles Bare-bones online service

It's a curious time in the console cycle, with the PS4 and Xbox One both nearing the end of their reign, and their next-gen replacements set to dominate the living room when they launch in late 2020.

But that transitional period means the handheld-home console hybrid Nintendo Switch – and it's handheld-only sibling, the Switch Lite – are really the best choices for a new console right now, unless the PS5 and Xbox Series X finally release.

They offer a distinctly different experience from the mainline Sony and Microsoft consoles, at a lower price point and hugely convenient portable play. Add to that the host of first-party Nintendo exclusives – Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, etc – and third-party indie games that slot perfectly onto the console's compact screen, and you've got yourself a great time-spender on your hands.

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