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Facing the future......... Lets Go Big Tunes blog page features the latest in tech from within the entertainment/event planning industry on #TechieTuesdays

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Knowing event technology trends—and adopting the most valuable ones—gives planners and venues the competitive advantage. Studies show that using event technology can increase attendance by 20 percent and increase productivity by 27 percent. 

But with new event technologies emerging constantly, how do you know which ones to consider? From design through debrief, we’ve got you covered with the event technology trends you need to know for success—from preliminary planning sessions through post-event debriefs. 

1. Facial recognition

This technology records attendee facial features using photos uploaded during registration, then scans attendee faces as they check in to the event. Each match automates personalized actions, such as printing a badge with the attendees name, sending an email with a scannable lunch voucher, and finalizing a swag bag for their ticket-tier (no sense creating swag bags for no-shows).

What this trend means for event planners

Facial recognition technology is a powerful tool that streamlines key attendee touchpoints and provides data to help improve future events. The technology speeds event check-ins, improves security, and helps businesses at tradeshows collect more valuable leads by tracking attendee visits to booths. You and your team can also use facial recognition to watch for crowd flow bottlenecks and collect session attendance data so you know what worked—and what didn’t.

What this trend means for event venues

The ability to support advanced tech like facial recognition makes venues more attractive to corporate planners. The technology also allows automation at certain access points, which means lower manpower requirements and lower costs. 

Facial recognition in action

This video demonstrates the fundamentals of facial recognition and how it helps facilitate event check-in, VIP access, and security: 

Join us again next week for more weird and wonderful tech from the entertainment industry on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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