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The Sky is the Limit for Superstar Nick

Nick Sutton, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Play Writer and now Freshman at the University of New Hampsphire

Nick told Let’s Go Big Tunes “I applied to 10 schools and got accepted at seven. I decided to attend the University of New Hampshire which is an hour and 15 minute drive from my house in South Portland, Maine. I am going to be a music major with a concentration in vocal performance.”

If you haven’t already met this talented young man, where are you living? Definitely not on Earth! Nick, and his Mom (Kristin), became more famous doing car pools with him performing all kinds of show tunes. With their first video, Kristin, thought that they might reach 1000 views, but the next morning she saw them standing on 9000 views and today the video of Nick performing nine different characters has been viewed more than 36000 times.

Covid has played a huge impact on everyone around the world, but for Nick it was time to let the creative juices flow.

When asked what else is new in your life, Nick said: “I just completed my second full-length musical that I wrote with my creative partner. It was called 52 Blue. It was inspired by an article my friend read in her senior year of high school. It is a true story about a blue whale who sings at 52 Hz which is a much higher frequency than other whales. Whales are very social and they sing to each other so they can find their mates. They travel in pods through the ocean but this whale can’t be detected by other whales so it travels by itself constantly calling out looking for other whales. It is known as “the loneliest creature in the sea”. We wrote the show using the whale as a metaphor for a girl who suffers from mental health issues. Because of Covid we had to do rehearsals mostly outdoors in my backyard all summer long. We had raised enough money from our first show in 2019 to rent a theater to produce the show which ran the second weekend of August.”

Also during this time, Kristin got a request from an event planner for a vocalist for a Ribbon cutting held at the Grand Opening of Cedars Portland Assisted Living Facility in Portland Maine. “They have a memory unit there and we thought the song, Memories (from Cats) would be appropriate for the event.” If you haven’t yet seen it, you can view it here on YouTube.

YouTube (Cats Memories link)

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