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Today on #ThursdaySnapShots we bring you more general photography tips for everyday use on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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Street photography techniques, tips and tricks

Tip 1. Choose shorter lenses

Avoid using long zoom lenses for street photography. Rather than making you inconspicuous, these will actually draw attention to you. If someone clocks you 'sniping' from a distance, they're more likely to confront you.

A small, standard zoom lens that offers focal lengths somewhere between 24mm and 50mm forces you to get closer, and this can have a positive effect on your street photography. Getting 'in amongst it' allows you to react to situations faster.

Tip 2. Camera settings for fast reactions

Don't walk around with a camera pressed to your face. Not only will you look conspicuous, but you'll miss potential pictures. Take the time to absorb yourself in your surroundings before you start taking pictures.

That said, you'll need to react quickly to the fleeting moments that make for the best street photography. Use continuous drive mode so that you can burn through frames when needed (although time your shots to capture the 'decisive moment').

Continuous focus will allow to track action, although you'll need to manually select a focus point to prevent the camera locking onto something you weren't expecting.

Finally, start shooting in Program mode as the camera will set both the aperture and shutter speed (and ISO in Auto ISO mode), so you can concentrate on grabbing the shot.

If you need more depth of field or a faster shutter speed, turn the camera's control dial to enter Program Shift mode.

Tip 3. Best locations for street photography

Rather than running around a town or city chasing pictures, stake out a promising location. Look for crowded areas where there's a constant stream of people.

The greater the footfall, the more opportunities there will be for taking opportunistic photos.

On a practical level, choose a wide pavement for your street photography as it will give you more room to work.

Tip 4. Find graphic shapes in cities

Look for a location that offers clean lines, bold shapes and strong design. Pre-visualize your photo and then wait for the right people to walk into shot.

Stairwells, shot from above, are a good place to try this photography technique. Or why not try getting low, and framing people's legs and the pavement against an interesting backdrop.

Shadows can also be used as a strong visual element - and even become the focal point themselves. Try shooting from a high position and allowing people's shadows to take on a life of their own…

Join us next week Thursday for more photography tips on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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