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Whether you do it for clients or for family and friends, birthday party photography can be challenging!!! Today on #ThursdaySnapShots we bring you more tips on party photography on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

Photograph Details to Get a Sense of the Atmosphere

When you photograph an event of any kind, you’re trying to tell the story of that event. One great way to do this is to think of different scales. This means getting details, people pictures, and wide shots of crowds. For birthday party photography, this can be photos of the birthday cake, a bit of the pile of presents, or decorative touches throughout the space.

Take Candid Shots to Build a Narrative

Posed shots are great for albums, but candid shots of people have more of a narrative. The kids laughing and playing, the adults gushing over the beautiful birthday cake, the host hugging a guest that just arrive. Be sneaky with your camera and look for candid moments to capture. Be ready to snap photos quickly as these moments are definitely fleeting!

Capture the Traditional Must-Have Shots

Speaking of moments, don’t miss the big ones! Either before the birthday party date or right when you arrive, have a chat with the host about the order of events. Ask if there are any moments that are special and must-have birthday party photography. Things like blowing the candles, hitting the piñata, or openings gifts are all typical big moments that would need to be captured. Additionally, make sure to take birthday party photos of any vendors that have been brought in for the event.

Use Flash to Fill in Shadows or in Darker Home Settings

Natural light should be used as much as possible, but sometimes flash is needed. Flash may come in handy to fill in shadows when your subjects are backlit, or it may also be vital for darker homes that just don’t get enough natural light (or if it’s nighttime!). When using flash, be sure to diffuse as much as possible to avoid harsh shadows and bright spots. You can add a diffuser onto the flash itself, and bouncing it off the ceiling or wall behind you is always recommended. Finally, be sure to adjust the flash so that it only flashes as strongly as it needs to.

5. Change Perspectives to Add Interest to Your Images

Changing perspective is a great way to add interest and get the viewer into the action! For small kids, consider getting lower to the floor so you’re at their eye level. If you’re photographing a table with food or a pile of gifts, consider shooting from above for a different take.

Talk with the hosts to ask about any requests for group photos. Want to document grandma with all the grandkids? How about the birthday boy with his best friend? Knowing ahead of time lets you ensure you take a few moments to get these important shots. Choose a time for group shots that is well after guests arrive, but before blowing out the candle. This will help ensure that all the people you need for the birthday photos are present. And it’ll give people a chance to get comfortable after chatting a bit.

For the perfect party photo, see you again next week on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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