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Post Corona planning. Lets Go Big Tunes blog page this week brings you what post corona wedding planning may entail to ensure that you are kept safe on your special day #WeddingWednesdays With the future of the wedding industry the subject of much discussion, and talk of us having to deal with coronavirus ‘well into 2021’ we explore what weddings after Covid-19 might look like in the long run.

It’s no secret the wedding industry is one that’s been hit particularly hard by the global coronavirus pandemic. However, as small wedding ceremonies have been given the go-ahead, there’s greater speculation than ever over what weddings after Covid-19 will look like in the months and years to come.

While some suppliers have already adapted to the ‘new normal’ with the likes of virtual bridal appointments and online venue tours, and brides-to-be are adjusting to a life of hen parties and wedding planning over Zoom, the future of the wedding industry remains an uncertain topic.

As lockdown measures begin to ease but fears over a second wave and restrictions on bigger gatherings persist, we’ve spoken to industry expects and wedding planners to find out a little bit more about what this means for your wedding and the new wedding trends set to take hold after the Covid-19 situation.

Wedding Planning After Covid-19

Whether you’ve already had to postpone or cancel your wedding, or your partner proposed in lockdown, making headway on your wedding plans whilst we’re in the midst of a pandemic is unlikely to be a walk in the park.

Inevitably, the wedding industry will look very different to how it did before the days of coronavirus and lockdown, and unfortunately, you may find yourself without a number of your suppliers as small businesses struggle to stay afloat.

Wedding planners, however, may see a rise in business as the emotional strain of having to negotiate with suppliers and venues in a strained economy proves too much for brides-to-be to bear on their own.

“It will be more important than ever to communicate with and confide in your wedding planner,” says wedding planner Isabelle Jones.

Without the personal attachment to the big day and boasting a wealth of experience, a wedding planner will help with the tough decisions make the necessary judgement calls to get your big day on the way.

Working With Suppliers

From the wedding stationary services to the florists and photographers, many wedding suppliers are small, locally-run and independently-owned businesses. Often, they rely on a busy wedding season to stay afloat. Unfortunately, this may mean the vendors you had your heart set on using will no longer be able to provide for your big day.

However, as we all begin to adjust to life after Covid-19, communication and a mutual understanding that we’re all in this together will provide the basis of your relationship with your wedding vendors.

It’s likely that a lot of your consultations with suppliers will continue to take place online. Many businesses made the quick change to virtual appointments and consultations during lockdown and as social distancing continues to be enforced, for those able to do so, this practice will probably continue throughout 2020.

Additionally, suppliers and couples alike may have to get used to the idea of no-contact services – something that may prove challenging when it comes to catering your wedding.

“The idea of contact-free and bartender-free mixology is suddenly a big issue,” explains James Kerslake from handcrafted cockatil specialists,Tom Savano.

Luckily there’s a solution – if businesses and suppliers are able to adapt.

“Our cocktails are the only true bar quality offerings in the UK, [where] wedding planners can offer a top end cocktail menu, without the need for bartenders, risks of contamination by touching food and ingredients or any other risks that could spread coronavirus.

“You simply get our cocktails in bottles, pop the corks and pour into glasses for a contact-free bar.”

Join us next week for more safety tips for your special day after covid on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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