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Post Corona planning part 2. Lets Go Big Tunes blog page this week brings you what post corona wedding planning may entail to ensure that you are kept safe on your special day #WeddingWednesdays With the future of the wedding industry the subject of much discussion, and talk of us having to deal with coronavirus ‘well into 2021’ we explore what weddings after Covid-19 might look like in the long run.

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Post Covid-19 Wedding Trends

Weekday Weddings

A recent study by Bridebook claims that around 64% of weddings in 2020 will either be cancelled or postponed as a result of coronavirus. That’s a lot of weddings to have to reschedule in an already popular 2021 wedding season.

This will mean, not only will your Saturdays be booked up with nuptials, but more and more people will be opting for weekday weddings to avoid an even longer delay to their big day.

“Due to the inevitable build-up of weddings meant to take place in 2020, it’s best to start planning those outfits ahead already,” explains Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, founder of La Fête.

“Start saving up now as [we’ll] be purchasing gowns (ideally second-hand if possible!), booking flights, and viewing the exchanging of vows left and right. While we absolutely love the idea of a full year brimming with weddings, please be careful to avoid showing up to work hungover the next day…”

Socially distanced Weddings

However, Charlotte disagrees. She believes the delays and months of uncertainty will culminated in weddings being bigger and

Given that the risk of infection is known to be higher in enclosed spaces while open air and outdoor gatherings are safer, outdoor weddings are expected to surge in popularity as couples seek to adhere to social distancing advice and keep their guests safe.

Simon Gudgeon, sculptor and owner of venue Sculpture by the Lakes in Dorset, agrees. He says: “Outdoor weddings might not have been everyone’s first choice in the past given the uneven temperament of the great British weather – but I expect they will become far more commonplace as we make accommodations and learn to live with the coronavirus.”

Wedding at Sculpture by the Lakes

The challenge is to come up with interesting new ways to take on the ‘new normal’, something Simon and the team at Sculpture by the Lakes are already thinking about.

“We are also coming up with innovative ways to overcome the other challenges – such as individual picnic boxes rather than waitered tables. And we have been reaching out to companies who can arrange for live-streaming of ceremonies for guests who are unable to attend – for example those shielding at home.

“I think people may well feel nervous about gathering together in larger groups for many months, possibly years to come, depending on what happens with the virus.

“Being outdoors or in open airy settings will provide not only a lower-risk environment and allow for the appropriate social distancing, but it will also help people feel at ease and able to enjoy themselves.”

Micro Weddings

When it comes to the size of weddings after Covid-19, for many suppliers and venues it’s all about the micro-wedding.

“We expect there will be a move towards smaller more intimate events, and a move away from tradition, both through necessity, and as couples try to put their own stamp on their celebrations, rather than let them be run by the demands of being COVID-secure,” adds Simon Gudgeon.”

Read more about micro weddings 

Show-stopping Ceremonies

However, Charlotte Ricard-Quesada disagrees. She believes these delays and months of uncertainty will culminate in weddings being bigger and better than ever by 2021

“[Next year] fiancées will be absolutely itching to ‘go big‘ as much as possible to finally celebrate their much-anticipated day, she claims.

“Imagine waiting an entire year to finally get hitched, especially when you thought the day was definitely on its way. Now, we’re talking proper blowouts; extra attendees, glitter galore, bouncing balloons, exquisite bouquets of flowers throughout, and all those classic crowd-pleasing tunes.”

Elopement Weddings After Covid-19

Since March this year the search volume for elopement weddings has risen 300% in the UK and even more in the US according to GoogleTrends. But an elopement wedding in 2020 is not quite the midnight dash to Gretna Green you might be thinking of. It’s all about keeping things small and intimate without compromising on quality.

Speaking about the growing trend Jane Caterer from Petite Weddings in Cornwall explains, “If you’re planning a small wedding make sure you choose an experienced specialist to ensure it’s just the size of your wedding you are compromising on not the quality.”

She adds: “With the opportunity to re-evaluate and access anything from unique gardens, barns, even a castle, foodies often will upgrade their menu or having that picnic on the beach ending with a sunset sail all being possible, you have flexibility to create your style of wedding and reception, memorable for all the right reasons.

Join us next week for more safety tips for your special day after covid on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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