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Post Corona planning part 3. Lets Go Big Tunes blog page this week brings you what post corona wedding planning may entail to ensure that you are kept safe on your special day #WeddingWednesdays With the future of the wedding industry the subject of much discussion, and talk of us having to deal with coronavirus ‘well into 2021’ we explore what weddings after Covid-19 might look like in the long run.

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What to Expect From Your Venue

Greater Flexibility

If Ash Barton Estate is anything to go by, prospective couples should expect to see their chosen wedding venue looking in tip-top shape, as owner Simon Daukes explains venues should have been using the lockdown period to invest in their property.

“If they can, wedding venues should use this time to invest in their property, so they are prepared for post-Covid weddings and beyond,” he explains.

He also suggests, where possible, venues should be flexible with booking dates in the next few, to allow prospective couples to make quick decisions should the situation improve sooner than anticipated.

“[At Ash Barton], every single booking also has the option to revert back to their original dates at zero notice should the situation improve in the forthcoming months.”

Once again, communication with your venue will be key, he continues.

“I imagine newly-engaged couples will want heightened communication when booking a wedding venue. They will want a venue that is easy to communicate with, preferring family run operations where they can talk to the owners and gauge their reactions face to face. Transparency and honesty will be key.”

Safety First

Sarah Callander Beckett, owner of Cheshire wedding venue Combermere Abbey, explains how venues are beginning to reopen to the public. And the first order of business is safety.

“We have already started up our venue showrounds for couples again, as we are confident that we can do so safely and responsibly,” Sarah explains.

“We currently have a 10 step programme for all couples which puts their safety and security at the forefront of everything we are doing at the venue. These steps include keeping 2m distance, setting up hygiene stations throughout our venue, sanitising areas between visits and accommodating early evening appointments too.”

And when it comes to the big day – it’s still all about the happy couple.

“We want to ensure the wedding party feels safe and secure, but also not overwhelmed by the situation. We are also going to be offering our onsite self-catering cottages to wedding guests so that they can have their own private accommodation, instead of having to stay in nearby hotels where they may have to mix with multiple people outside of their group.

“Of course, as a wedding venue provider, the main thing for us is to make sure the couples and their parties feel confident that all measures are in place and that their wedding celebration will be able to be enjoyed safely.”

Virtual Venues

“Wedding venues are already offering virtual tours to help couples be able to choose their venues and meet the team through platforms such as Zoom,” reveals Wedding Industry Expert Kelly Mortimer.

“Even post-Covid, we envisage couples viewing less venues in person and only going on site to see their top one or two!”

Your Legal Rights: Cancellations and Insurance

“It is good news that weddings will now be permitted from June and those who wish to take the plunge may do so. However, with many venues remaining closed and restrictions on the number of guests, many may still choose to postpone their big day,” says Gary Rycroft, a consumer law expert and chair of the Law Society’s digital assets working group.

However, in deciding to postpone your wedding, rather than not being able to get married at all, there are different legal implications. According to Gary, this makes the situation less clear cut.

“Many wedding events will still not be able to happen as planned. For example, many of the agreements and contracts entered into by couples will be on the basis of there being more guests than it is possible to now have,” he adds.

“The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) recently said that they would expect a consumer to be offered a full refund if government public health measures mean they cannot use the services.”

Join us next week here on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page for more wedding tips and tricks

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