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Wedding planning..............101. Lets Go Big Tunes blog page this week brings you tips and tricks on planning your own special day #WeddingWednesdays

Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming for many couples. So to help break down this large process we have outlined the best way to plan a wedding along with tips on who to ask to help plan your wedding. Our wedding planning guide will set you on the right path!

Brides Often Ask

How much time do you need to plan a wedding?

3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before To Plan A Wedding

1. What’s giving you the most stress about the wedding at this moment?

There is always going to be stress around wedding planning; but it might help when you encounter wedding planning stress to try to pinpoint the source. For some, it is family issues while for others the stress is related to the budget and payment for the wedding. No matter what the source of the stress is once you can nail down the source you can start to find a way to alleviate it.

2. What’s the part of your big day that you’re most looking forward to?

Of course, you are looking forward to your entire wedding day; but many couples are looking forward to one particular part of the day. For some couples, they are looking forward to the ceremony while others can’t wait to celebrate in style at their reception.

3. What’s the worst thing that could happen on the wedding day?

Couples like to play devil’s advocate all the time and focus on the worst thing that can happen on a wedding day. So it is not uncommon for couples planning an outdoor wedding to be worried about rain or bad weather; while other couples are concerned about the timeline and having everything run smoothly. So no matter what you are worried about on the wedding day; you can rest assured that no matter what happens you will still get married and it will be amazing.

Who Can Help You To Plan Your Wedding Day

No one can plan a wedding completely on their own. It is crucial to rely on your support team to help make your wedding day come to life. It is totally fair and also somewhat expected for you to ask someone to lend a helping hand.

Wedding planning should be an equal balance between both partners, but more often than not one partner is more willing to take on wedding planning tasks than the other. Even if one partner takes the lead it is certainly reasonable to ask your partner to pitch in and help. Asking your partner for opinions and thoughts might seem easier said than done; so one good strategy is to ask your partner if there are any aspects of the wedding that they would like to take the lead on and then let them run with it. Not everyone cares about the seating chart or the type of favor that will be given so if your partner is not into a specific wedding planning area just take it.

  • Bridesmaids

There are tons of ways you can ask your bridesmaid to help with the wedding planning process. Of course, you will need their help on the wedding day to make sure the day runs smoothly; but you can also enlist them early in the process. A few perfect tasks for your bridesmaids are assembling favors, planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party, stamp invitations and also help shop for your wedding gown.

  • Your family

Your family is emotionally invested in your wedding day just as much as you are. Leaning on your family to help your wedding day come to life is not only helpful but they will love being involved in the wedding planning process. Ask your family for specific help on tasks so that you can make sure it is being attended to but you don’t have to oversee each step.

  • Your future family

Involving your future family in the wedding planning process is not only a good thing for you but it will also help to create a new bond. Since your future family is investing in the wedding day just like you are it is nice to accept their help and assign them some wedding tasks. Traditionally the groom’s family hosts and pays for the rehearsal dinner; but the planning does not have to end there. If your future family has a specific area of interest such as flowers or DIY projects you can ask them to get involved.

  • Bridal Box Subscription

You will want to check out a wedding subscription box such as Miss To Mrs Box as they can help set you up for success and kick off the planning process. The Miss To Mrs Box will send you monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly boxes that are filled with wedding goodies to celebrate the planning process along with tips and ideas to guide you through the entire wedding planning timeline. Get your Miss To Mrs™ Box here!

See you next week for more wedding day tips and tricks on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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