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Wedding planning..............101 part 2. Lets Go Big Tunes blog page this week brings you tips and tricks on what not to do when planning your own special day #WeddingWednesdays

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Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

There is lots of information and advice on how to plan your perfect wedding day. But there is also some good advice on what not to do when planning your wedding. By knowing some of the major mistakes to avoid when planning you can feel relaxed and confident that your wedding day will be perfect!

10 Don’ts When Planning Your Wedding:

  1. Don’t forget to pay all invoices before the wedding date

  2. Don’t overspend in one area of the budget and majorly skimp in another

  3. Don’t stress over the little things

  4. Don’t invite someone to the bridal shower or bachelorette party that is not invited to the wedding

  5. Don’t plan a ceremony location that is far away from your reception location

  6. Don’t add your registry information on your invitations, you can provide this information on a separate enclosure card

  7. Don’t make your guests wait too long before the ceremony starts

  8. Don’t make guests pay for drinks – if your budget is tight limit the drinks to 2 or 3 options

  9. Don’t forget to feed your vendors – work with your catering team so there is a meal for vendors

  10. Don’t forget to offer a vegetarian option for guests

So as you decide on how to start planning a wedding, remember a few things. Do it one task at a time, and avoid pressure as much as possible. Also do not fret about the little things, and learn to delegate. Also, remember to rest and pamper yourself by getting a bridal subscription box. And also follow through with our guide on how to plan a wedding step by step.

Here are some freebies that might help you along the way

Everyone loves to get something for free especially when planning a wedding since weddings cost a lot of money. To help you start planning we created an outline of all the free wedding planning freebies you can get and where to get them. Freebies

Engagement Party Freebies #1

There are wonderful invitation printables and downloads available to help celebrate your engagement party along with fun engagement party games and banners you can print for free. Several outlets have printables available but one good to place is Pinterest since you can see everything in one spot.

  • Engagement Party Invitations

  • Free Printable Invitations

  • Free Printable Party Decorations

  • Engagement Party Games

Bridal Shower Freebies #2

If the idea of gathering all the important women in your life before your wedding sounds fun you will want to make sure a bridal shower is on your list of pre-wedding festivities. Many times bridal showers celebrations offer a chance for games and all of these templates can be found for free online and printed.

Free Bridal Shower Printables

  • Printable Bridal Shower Games

  • Free Bridal Shower Games

  • Free Bridal Shower Invitations

Free Stuff for Bachelorette Party #3

Perhaps the most festive pre-wedding celebration is the bachelorette party or weekend. If you are looking for some free stuff for your bachelorette party check out great printables and downloads for things like a scavenger hunt, music playlist, and more.

  • Bachelorette Party Groom Quiz

  • Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

  • Free Cocktail Ideas

  • Free Party Snapchat Filter

  • Bachelorette Party Playlist

Bachelor Party Freebies #4

Just like the bachelorette party, you will be able to find a wide variety of freebies for a bachelor party. Free online invitations, bachelor party games, and more.

  • Bachelor Party Invitations

  • Online Free Invitations

  • Free Printable Bachelor Bingo

  • Bachelor Party Invitations Templates

Free Wedding Stationery Samples

Wedding stationery is crucial to a wedding so before order, make sure that the invitations are exactly what you want. Many stationery companies will give free wedding stationery samples so you can order and not stress.

Free Save the Dates #1

Before you purchase your save the date cards it’s good to see them in real life and not just on a computer screen. Many online wedding stationery companies will offer a free sample card so you can feel confident about ordering. If you are thinking about sending a digital save the date card you have endless possibilities for online sources for free save the date templates.

Wedding stationery is a large investment and a big-budget item. You should take a moment to review our wedding checklist so that you know exactly when to order and send out the different parts of your wedding stationery.

  • Free Online Save The Dates

  • Free Virtual Save The Dates

  • Printable Save The Dates

  • Save The Date Templates

Free Wedding Invitations #2

Wedding invitations are a major part of the wedding planning process, so it should reflect your style and wedding theme. There are ways to receive free wedding invitations so you can feel the cardstock, texture, size, and formatting. There are a large number of free wedding invitation templates online and then you have the ability to print them yourself or have them printed. If you want to work with an online company to print the invitations you can order a free sample card first and in many cases, you can order several samples.

  • Free Printable Invitations Templates

  • Wedding Invitations Templates

  • Free Electronic Invitations

  • Printable Wedding Invitations Templates

  • Customizable Design Templates for Wedding Invitations

Free Thank You Cards #3

Don’t forget to thank all of your guests for attending your wedding and for all of the gifts you received. One way to gain free thank you cards is to purchase your entire wedding suite with one company and many will offer either free or discounted thank you cards to go along with your order. If you are looking for a template for your wedding thank you cards you can source that online and download them for free.

  • Free Wedding Thank You Cards

  • Sequins Thank You Cards

  • Simple Thank You Cards

  • Downloads Thank You Cards

Free Wedding Program Templates #4

Creating a wedding program for your wedding ceremony takes some special attention to detail so it is best to start with a free wedding program template. There are different program templates for all different types of weddings including religious ceremonies, same-sex ceremonies, traditional and modern ceremonies.

Free Wedding Fonts #5

One online search for wedding fonts and you can find a large number of sources. Let’s face it the simple computer fonts won’t do when it comes to your wedding stationery so start sourcing some fonts. There are dozens of online programs that will allow you to access free fonts that range from fancy script to modern type.

  • Free Wedding Fonts

  • 25 best free wedding fonts you’ll love right away

  • A Selection of Free Fonts

  • Free Downloadable Fonts

  • Free Graphics And Fonts

  • Fonts, Graphics

  • Free Wedding Fonts

  • Free (and Cheap) Wedding Font Downloads

Free Wedding Planning Freebies

Wedding planning is a large task to take on so to help you stay on track there are lots of free wedding planning freebies you can find. From budgeting tools to checklist to timeline sheets you won’t believe how many wedding planning freebies you can get.

Free Wedding Budget Tools #1

The budget for a wedding is one of the first and most important topics you will have to tackle. Free wedding budget tools can be found both online with wedding sites, in paper form in templates you can download, and even in free apps for your smartphone. Track spending, pay invoices, and stay on top of your wedding budget can all be done online now and there are several free options available.

  • Free Wedding Budgeting Tool

  • Free Wedding Calculator

  • Wedding Budget Planner

  • Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Free Wedding Planner Books #2

Wedding planning is a large process so it is not surprising that there are wedding planner books that can help you. Many online outlets offer free downloadable planning guides and templates. If you head to your local bookstore, check out the wedding magazine section as many wedding magazines will often include a giveaway and it’s popular for it to be a small planner.

  • Bridal Basics: Your Guide to a Fairytale Wedding Ebook

  • 10 Makeup Mishaps Ebook

  • Brides Planning a Wedding Ebook

  • The Ultimate Wedding Guide Ebook

Free Wedding Checklists #3

You don’t have to pay a lot for a wedding checklist in fact you don’t have to pay at all for one. There are many online sources that offer free wedding planning checklists that can help you go from engaged to married. Since there are so many free wedding checklists available you should do your research and make sure you find one that fits your wedding planning timeline.

  • Must Have: 9 free printable wedding checklists

  • 20 Questions of Wedding Planning

  • Free Planning Checklist And Guides

  • Planning Timeline and Checklist

  • Perfect Wedding Planner PDF

  • Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Registry Freebies #4

Today couples have endless possibilities where they can register for their wedding so with that come to some great wedding planning freebies. Almost all wedding registries are free to use but some actually give you some freebies on top of the gifts you receive from your guests. If this idea gets you super excited checkout Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, and Kohls who all offer freebies when certain items on your registry are purchased. If it is very popular for wedding registry outlets to offer a freebie item when you spend a certain amount of money on other items in your registry.

  • Free Wedding Registry Gifts

  • Post-Wedding Discount

  • Free Wedding Registry Gifts

  • Registry Completion Discount

  • Freebies and Newlywed Discounts

Wedding Reception Freebies

Receptions are the celebration part of the big day and there are lots of wedding planning freebies that can help your day be totally special and unique.

Wedding Seating Chart Tools #1

Creating a wedding seating chart is important not just for the organization but will help to create a good flow for your wedding guests. You can use online templates, apps on your smartphone, or printables to help draft your seating chart. Once you have a seating chart you can then figure out a fun way to display it at your wedding. A few wedding seating chart trends we are loving are oversized printed charts, creative maps, and posters, and rustic displays.

  • Free Print Seating Charts

  • Free Wedding Seating Chart Tool

  • Seating Chart Template

  • Seating Chart Printable Template

  • Wedding Seating Chart Program

Free Wedding Hashtag Generators #2

While a wedding hashtag is not necessary, it can be a fun touch and make searching for images easy. Many couples will create a hashtag that is unique to them and their big day and either is a play on words, their last names, or location. The hashtag will allow everyone to search and view social media posts about the big day. If you are having trouble finding the perfect wedding hashtag there are several online options available that will help you and give you several suggestions based on your answers to a few questions.

  • Free Wedding Hashtag Generator

  • Wedding Hashtag Generator from Shutterfly

  • Past Book’s hashtag generator

  • eWedding Hashtag Generator

  • Wedding Hashtag Generator

Free Wedding Menu Samples #3

Wedding menus are a fun item to plan and a yummy one. If you are looking for some ideas for what to serve or just looking for printable and free menus you will find what you are looking for with a simple online search.

Many stationery companies offer menu printing and you might be able to get major discounts by ordering in bulk with your other wedding stationery while you often can get your venue or catering company to produce a wedding menu for display for free. Many free wedding menu templates are available online so all you have to do is plug in the information about your wedding and go.

  • Free Wedding Menu Template

  • Free Custom Menu Template

  • Wedding Menu Templates

  • Wedding Printable Menu Templates

  • Free Printable Wedding Menu

Useful Wedding Freebies By Mail

Besides wedding subscription boxes like Miss To Mrs Box, you can also get some useful wedding freebies by mail. Many times if you sign up for a service online you will get something free sent to you as a thank you. Coupons, complimentary items and buy one get one, and other offers often are sent via mail.

See you next week for more wedding tips and tricks on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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