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Same-sex marriage struggles..........For International LGBTQ+ month Lets Go Big Tunes blog page is bringing you wedding planning tips for same sex couples on #WeddingWednesdays

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10 ways planning a same-sex wedding is different

At heart a wedding is about nothing more than two people in love standing up and declaring their love to be permanent. But it’s not always that straightforward when it comes time for a same-sex couple to plan their nuptials. Here are 10 ways planning a same-sex wedding can be different.

Firstly, you have to make sure your wedding will be legal

There have been many gains across the world of in terms of marriage equality, but there are still some places that will not issue same-sex couples with a marriage licence, including Australia where same-sex couples can only ‘marry’ via civil commitment ceremony. Fortunately, more and more countries are starting to legislate in line with the prevailing community attitudes of acceptance, so you can find myriad beautiful places to say “I do.”

You can cast tradition aside … if you want to

There are realms and realms of traditions that surround a straight-sex wedding, but with a same-sex wedding ceremony there’s no expectation (well, other than two people saying ‘I do’). Instead, it’s all about creating your own traditions to start married life with the perfect combination of the old and new. Want to walk up the aisle unaccompanied? Go for it. Want to toss a silk tie instead of a garter? Totally your call. Want so share a wedding party rather than having separate bridesmaids and groomsmen? Great idea. Just remember: it’s your wedding, so feel absolutely free to claim it in your own special way.

Sadly, discrimination can be an issue

When it comes to your venue, flowers, cake, clothing and anything else wedding related, most wedding vendors are truly lovely, and understand that love is love. But, realistically, you can’t ignore the possibility that even though it’s illegal to do so – with your rights enshrined in legislation – some wedding vendors may not have the most welcoming attitude towards working on an LGBT wedding. It’s a shame, but remember, that sometimes this reluctance may come simply from a lack of experience servicing a gay wedding, so you may find a little guidance is just what the situation requires.

Your fashion for passion can run wild

Two tuxes? Two dresses? Two of something else? The question of what to wear for your same-sex wedding is one you’ll need to ponder – simply because there are no ‘rules’ as such. And how exciting is that? After all, with carte blanche to look and feel exactly how you want, the sky is the limit, be it goth, glam, grunge or something else entirely that is uniquely and unquestionably you.

The guest list can be a little tricky to juggle

No matter the size or tone of your wedding, juggling a guest list can be challenging. But the reasons can be very different for straight and LGBT couples. A bride and groom, for example, might ponder how to fit in everyone they want. An LGBT couple, however, may, unfortunately, also have to focus on who will say ‘yes’ to an invitation, bearing in mind that society covers an extremely broad spectrum of opinions on the issue of gay marriage. However it pans out, you can take heart in the fact that on your wedding day you will be surrounded only by people who wish your union nothing but the best … as long as you both shall live!

Join us next week for the other 5 ways that same sex marriages are different on Lets Go Big Tunes blog page

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